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balance through transformation

There is usually at least one area in our lives where something is out of balance.

  • we might be feeling stuck

  • struggling to create and sustain a balance

  • we're not looking after ourselves

  • overwhelmed .. cluttered .. disempowered

  • lacking in confidence or self-esteem

  • feeling a bit lost .. unusually emotional

  • on a roller-coaster or hamster-wheel

Coaching enables you to start looking at what you can do. One step at a time.

Coaching is about looking ahead.

  • taking a step forward with courage and purpose

  • working towards self-awareness

  • tapping into your existing strengths and resources

  • making the first move towards creating positive change

Sometimes your creative energy is like water in a kinked hose, and before thoughts can flow on the topic at hand, you have to straighten the hose by attending to whatever is preoccupying you.

Natalie Goldberg

Great chats with friends, family, or colleagues, are the stuff of life.

But sometimes we need a different kind of conversation.

One where nobody interrupts or chips in with their own agenda.

Or suggests what you should or shouldn't be thinking or doing.

A conversation where you know you can have all the airtime you need.

Because someone is genuinely curious about you and what makes you tick.

Someone really listens properly, and gives you time to think and reflect.

Asks you questions that seem to get you to the bottom of things.

This is what a Coaching Conversation is like.

It is only when the mind refuses to flow with life, and gets stuck at the banks, that it becomes a problem.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

My role is to encourage you to consider things from a fresh perspective.

To challenge you to think laterally, and to come up with new ideas.

Never to give advice, opinions. To be impartial and without judgement.

To give you courage to nudge beyond your comfort zone to a zone of growth.

To support you as you identify and then let go of what's been holding you back.

To let you work out your own solutions and take charge of them.

A Coaching Conversation is one you can, ideally, learn to have with yourself!

By working with your own energy, resourcefulness, and creativity.

There is an innate creative energy in all of us.

It's the animating spirit that separates the quick from the dead - the life-force that expands our lungs, makes our heart beat, and takes care of every one of our biological functions.

If we let it, it will bring fresh new ideas to mind whenever we need them, enabling us to solve any problem and move forward in any creative endeavor.

Our relationship with this energy is the basis of what we call 'creativity'. And since this energy is a part of us and we are a part of it, we are all inherently creative.

Michael Neill 

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