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the eloquent language of our energy - EFT and Energy Psychology

Our body tells our story. It holds our history. It sends us clues.

These can be physical and emotional.

Once we learn to pay attention, to listen to what our bodies are telling us,

we can start the healing process.

gentle touch

'One of the wonderful things about EFT is that you can use it for self-help - and the only tool you need is your fingers, which are always at hand!'

Gill Edwards (Conscious Medicine)

Copy of swallow from the Spring Fresco

tapping our way into Emotional Freedom

A close friend introduced me to EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - in 2017. I was struggling with digestive issues at the time, and panic attacks had been my constant companion for over a decade. I went to an EFT practitioner, who asked me whether there might be an emotional contributor to what was going on with my body. Of course there was. The death of my parents and the menopause, amongst other things.

This gentle, profound technique gives us the ability to respond easily, and safely, to what our bodies are trying to tell us.


We tap - ourselves - on certain points on the face and body. Some call it 'acupuncture without the needles, and with some talking.' It is more about our energy and our feelings than about our backstory or current narrative. Sometimes there isn't any talking at all... just tapping. 

swallow from the Spring Fresco_edited.png

energy that heals : at our fingertips

The points that we tap are acupressure points on the meridians - those energy pathways in our bodies, which resonate with our organs and relate and connect to emotions and feelings. The lung meridian, for example, is associated with grief and letting go.


So the tapping gets the energy going. Energy likes to move, and it is when energy gets stuck, stagnant, or sluggish, that our bodies begin to tell us something's up.

Just a few of the things that EFT may help with:

  • anxiety, overwhelm, panic

  • fears and phobias

  • sleep problems

  • weight issues

  • physical aches and pains

  • emotional aches and pains

'The reason talk therapy is useful only up to a point is because talking just does not get to the bottom of the trauma that has been encoded into our physiology.


Enter EFT..... EFT is my energy technique of choice, to address all emotional conflicts at multiple levels - emotional, spiritual, physical, and electrical.


If we seriously want to rewire ourselves, EFT is our tool.'


Carol Look

(EFT and Beyond: A Conversation with your Body)

'If things in your life are out of whack or if you are experiencing a health crisis of any kind - mental, physical, or spiritual - you are experiencing energy that is out of balance.

Even if you are not in crisis, but you feel overwhelmed, tired, anxious, melancholy, or rageful, you are experiencing energy that is out of balance.

And even if you feel great most of the time, but sometimes you feel completely off, your underlying energy at that moment is out of balance.'​

Lauren Walker (The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription)

Copy of swallow from the Spring Fresco

working with our energies

EFT is one of a group of therapies - including acupuncture, acupressure, Thought Field Therapy, and Energy Medicine -  which come under the umbrella term Energy Psychology.


After recently completing a year's training in the Fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine, I am beginning to understand so much more about how our energies work and how they interact with those of everyone and everything around us.


Not only can we communicate with our energies on a daily basis, to get us up and ready to fizz and buzz and engage with ourselves, others and the world, but there are wonderful, simple, powerful techniques which can help if we are feeling scrambled, clumsy, lethargic, drained, incoherent, all jumbled up, disconnected, emotionally and physically a bit off, out of sorts, or just needing to get grounded.

I love to incorporate all these amazing techniques into my practice, but I also use them for myself pretty much every day.

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