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'Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time.

We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.'
Barack Obama

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session information

To find out more, get in touch to arrange a preliminary chat. Free of charge, for about half an hour, with no obligation either way. If we aren't the 'right fit' then I will try to recommend a colleague who may be.

Sessions are online, with a minimum commitment of 3 sessions.

My standard fee is £60 per hour pro rata. I operate a sliding scale, whereby you pay what you can afford, which may be more, or it may be less. I always make time for pro bono sessions, if you know of anyone who might benefit.



“Thank you so much! It's like we have been on an adventure and I didn't expect that. I knew I had some things to sort out in my head, but I didn't think that would help with other, physical, things. Actually it was so exciting to make some connections with the two of them. I really like your enthusiasm about the 5 elements and the season rhythms etc which I never thought about before though I love walking and trees. Life for me is a bit clearer and although you say it's all me, you had a lot to do with that."

This client was feeling a bit lost, and was really happy to be encouraged to think differently about her life. We had lots of fun too. Mostly coaching in our sessions, with some energy balancing techniques too.

Swallow detail from the Minoan Spring Fresco

“I loved the holistic/energy techniques. I was expecting the usual mindfulness/essential oils things, so it was really different, and it works for me. And thanks for making little video clips for me as well. I'll carry on doing them. You are so passionate about what you do, and I am so happy I did these four sessions with you. Thank you Elinor. ”


This client was finding balance and self-care difficult, so it was a pleasure to help her to work out what would be ongoing and useful in the 'toolbox'. And it took me beyond my 'stretch zone' to make little videos for her. I love the reciprocal benefits of this work!

“Thank you for being so patient and for helping me be more patient with myself. It is the first time I've done any coaching or anything like that, but I'm so glad my friend recommended you. It's been a hard time for me. The EFT was a bit odd at first but you made it just 'fit in' so it felt natural in the end and it really helped. Thank you for showing me what I can do to look after myself more."


We met once a month four times, and worked with issues of limiting beliefs that were affecting home and work and the client's self esteem. I was very pleased that the EFT component worked well in the end.

Swallow detail from the Minoan Spring Fresco

“The space you gave me was a piece of magic! Thank you for being so warm and kind, which made me instantly feel at ease and happy to share things without ever feeling judged. You have so much empathy. I love how you gave me time to think, and asked me some great questions to challenge me and open up my mind. As the weeks went by I felt my self belief growing and thanks to you I now feel excited and confident about setting out to be my own boss!”


A client who was so uncertain and lacking in confidence, filled with self doubt and conflicting thoughts about herself. We added some EFT work to our sessions.

"I am feeling exceptionally good, Elinor! you were amazing. I am so happy with my almost perfectly fixed left shoulder, which is levelled with my right shoulder - I've been trying to rectify the imbalance for years. You are inspiring, with your clever use of imagery, sensitivity and care, filled with your warm energy. So gentle and calm. Thank you so much. I have finally been able to enjoy yoga classes."


A client who had struggled with a sore shoulder for years, with inhibited movement and chronic pain. We worked with EFT, discovered an emotional connection to the pain, and took it from there.

Swallow detail from the Minoan Spring Fresco

“Thank you for these sessions! From the beginning I felt I could open up and trust. Just going through a personal difficult time, I developed an insight about the lack of focus and negative thoughts that were holding me back. You encouraged me all the time to see the positive in myself and to start rebuilding confidence and to take small practical steps. Over the sessions I was able to find my own resources and solutions. I feel I am me again. I thank you Elinor so much. You gave me lots of things I can use for myself now!"

This client and I met every three weeks, during which time we used EFT and some energy balancing techniques to work on deeper emotional issues and limiting beliefs.

“My sessions with Elinor were thought-provoking, enlightening, interesting, and fun! Her thoughtful questioning, feedback and 'holding space' for my thoughts were immensely helpful. We explored how my not being allowed a voice as a child has influenced my desire for significance and making a difference. I'm now getting more 'active balance' into my life. Thank you so much Elinor!”


This client came to me because of 'blockages' in her life that were preventing her from getting things finished.

Swallow detail from the Minoan Spring Fresco

“I was recommended by a friend, but was still sceptical about how Elinor could help me, as I'd always managed to work stuff out myself. But it took very little time to start to place my trust in Elinor's ability to help me guide my thoughts into a more positive mindset. Her questions really made me think about why I was feeling the way I was, and helped me to see how I could look at my situation from different perspectives and to see that things I thought were just burdens were actually exciting challenges. I found parts of myself which I had forgotten! Now I really feel I have the resources to manage myself and my route through all the changes in my life. I really didn't expect that."


Here was someone at a bit of a crisis point in his career, and also a personal crossroads.

Swallow detail from the Minoan Spring Fresco
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