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Discovering Donna

My Eden Project

This book came my way in early 2020, a month or so after I'd qualified as an EFT practitioner.

Gary Craig, founder and cornerstone of Emotional Freedom Techniques, was already a firm fixture in my gallery of heroes.'The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body's energy system', he wrote in the 1990s, when he established EFT as a therapeutic protocol in its own right.

David Feinstein and Donna Eden, however, were new to me. A potent and symbiotic partnership, professional and also marital, between a clinical psychologist and an extraordinary energy healer. Little did I know, as I left the more familiar waters of EFT subject matter at the end of Chapter 5, that these two amazing people would soon feature so prominently in my life. Chapter 6, 'Your body's energies', was the game-changer. There was now a broader context to my EFT - Energy Psychology, and Energy Medicine.

For a confirmed quotation-gatherer, this was definitely one to harvest:

'From the perspective of energy medicine, your flesh and bones are supported by a 'skeleton' of living energy. Your physical structure is built on and animated by the foundation of your energy body's meridian pathways, chakra centers, aura, and other discrete energy systems. Given the complexity of the physical body, it is not surprising that its energy infrastructure would comprise many kinds of energy as well. It is not just one great big undifferentiated electromagnetic field. And, in fact, people who 'see energy' can describe with some precision the anatomy of the energy body, and their descriptions tend to corroborate one another.'

....... Oh WOW.

Donna sees, feels and reads energy. And radiates it. YouTube became a regular feature in lockdown (1), as I found out more about her story, her gifts, her teaching, her spirited demonstrations of energy balancing techniques which she shares so passionately with the world.

Not just my familiar EFT meridians any more, but chakras, the aura, the Celtic Weave (a source of utter delight to this Welsh girl), the 5 Rhythms, Radiant Circuits, and a Basic Grid.... Good grief.

Enter the DER - Donna's Daily Energy Routine. To balance our energies. Here she in October 2020 launching the 7-day DER challenge. The definition of a Radiant Smile has surely been rewritten with hers in mind.

At the time of writing this, I have just completed the third of four modules of Year 1: Fundamentals in the two-year Eden Energy Medicine Certification Programme. I am so privileged, and so grateful. And it is such fun! is a happy place to spend several hours, reading about Donna, her methods, her teaching, the success stories. And also how to train as a practitioner. As well as links to YouTube videos and snippets. Prepare to be entranced.

More about David Feinstein here, at InnerSource.

Gary Craig's website - another treasure trove from the master source of EFT. Watch him in action! Amazing!


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