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Symbol of joy, renewal, hope, and energy.

The swallow in the logo is a detail from one of my favourite works of ancient Greek art: the Minoan Spring Fresco.

The Spring Fresco (shown below) decorated three sides of a room in the House of Lilies on ancient Thera, now known as the island of Santorini.

Following the cataclysmic volcanic eruption of ca1600BC, the House of Lilies lay entombed until it emerged during excavation in the late 1960s. From the silent suffocation of death and destruction was released the House of Lilies, with its vibrant and animated springtime landscape of dancing swallows amid the nodding lilies.

Energy, renewal, and life are here in glorious intensity. It’s almost as though we are being given an imperative....to live! And to soar, abundant and unconstrained.

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