You will want to know a little about me, if we are going to work together.


The last three years have been full of surprises.

I find myself, having recently edged into the three-score age bracket, a qualified EFT practitioner.

I’m a holistic life coach, working towards my diploma with The Coaching Academy.

I am also an Eden Energy Medicine Student Practitioner - early stages!

What I love most of all is to see people make the most of themselves and of their life in all its aspects.


This is the third phase of my working life.


The first was my career as a teacher of Classics in a London secondary school. My passion for the ancient world, for Greece in particular, dates back to the early 1970s when my parents took me to Athens, Delphi, and Olympia. I was blown away. The light, the colours, the art, the literature. The people. Quite simply, the energy. I still feel it. I loved witnessing my students’ awe and wonder on those school trips.


Phase two. It was the late nineties. My love of Greece took me on another Odyssey. With no experience or expertise, I decided to set up an online business selling replica ancient Greek art and jewellery. Fifteen years of bricks and mortar shops near the British Museum, the excitement of learning modern Greek, handling and taking photographs of bronzes and marbles that even now move me to tears, forging friendships with my Greek suppliers, having the best of times communicating with customers all over the world, and, not least, the happiest of times with my staff. Some of them I had taught, others were studying Classics. I learnt so much. I would never describe myself as an entrepreneur, but my wild brainchild – It’s All Greek - now much streamlined and online only, continues to bring me huge joy and fulfilment.


And so to this third phase. A synthesis of the various strands of my life to date, though none of it was planned as such.

Husband aside, my passions include music and words, all things Greek and Welsh, making a little bit of a difference, connecting with people, travelling about and taking far too many photos, nature, buildings, quirky details, good food, and red wine.

The gift of children never arrived, but a heap of other gifts have come my way. I am so very lucky to have friends and family whom I love and cherish beyond measure, and who continue to nourish, challenge, enrich, and sustain me on my continuing odyssey.


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