about EFT tapping therapy

(emotional freedom techniques)

One of the wonderful things about EFT is that you can use it for self-help - and the only tool you need is your fingers, which are always at hand!

Gill Edwards (Conscious Medicine)

This gentle, simple, yet profound technique is something we can all use as part of our empowered self-care. We all store emotions and conflicts somewhere in our body's energy system. EFT enables us easily, and safely, to respond to what our bodies are trying to tell us.


We probably don't realise when there is a blockage or a disruption, but our body knows. It tells our story. And it sends us clues. These can be physical and emotional. Once we learn to pay attention, to listen to what our bodies are telling us, we can start the healing process. It enables us to trust in the natural healing abilities of our mind and body, providing us with the possibility to achieve physical and emotional wellbeing in a faster time-frame.

In EFT we use our fingertips to tap gently on points situated on our face and on our bodies. These points resonate with our meridians, which are the energy pathways that are situated just beneath the surface of the skin. Meridians are an integral part of a rich 5,000 year old legacy of holistic healing from the East, embracing acupuncture and acupressure.

From a practical point of view, EFT is even more wonderful because it is non-invasive, doesn't involve needles, a massage table, medication, or a change of clothing. And you can tap wherever you are.

The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body's energy system.

 Gary Craig

This is his EFT 'Discovery Statement' 

Gary Craig in the 1990s established EFT as a therapeutic protocol in its own right, and it is now drawing attention from the wider community of healing professionals within the world of Energy Psychology. EFT contributes to a holistic healing process. Far from discrediting the medical and psychotherapeutic professions, it can be used in tandem.

Sceptics are amazed by the speed of results with EFT. Thousands of people have experienced emotional and physical relief from all sorts of problems and conditions. EFT can be easily applied in so many situations - anything where there is a stress component, physical pain, emotional challenges of all kinds, relationship issues, anxiety and depression, self-sabotaging behaviour and limiting beliefs, to trauma, phobias, and chronic conditions.

NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence) recognised the EFT research conducted for the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), boosting EFT's chances of becoming a mainstream therapy in the future.

The reason talk therapy is useful only up to a point is because talking just does not get to the bottom of the trauma that has been encoded into our physiology. Enter EFT..... EFT is my energy technique of choice, to address all emotional conflicts at multiple levels - emotional, spiritual, physical, and electrical. ..If we seriously want to rewire ourselves, EFT is our tool.

Carol Look (EFT and Beyond: A Conversation with your Body)


By stimulating the flow of energy, the body's own healing network can be activated.

Roger Callahan

(Tapping the Healer Within)