Balance is everything and everywhere.

Inside us, and all around us. It is given to us. We inherit it. We create it. Strike it, maintain it, redress and rediscover it.

It is a delicate and fine companion. But we've all been thrown off it. Knocked off it. Lost it.

When we are restored to balance, and have a good sense of it, we know absolutely that it is our natural, default setting. It's been there with us all along. 

It is the extraordinary strength of this innate balance - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic - that enables us to cope when inevitable imbalance comes our way.

Many people and experiences have helped me to come back into balance during my life. And they continue! I hope you and I can work together to do the same for you.



n. a situation in which different elements are in the correct proportions

v.  put in a steady position so that it does not fall